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Godzilla x Kong The New Empire Movie Review: A spectacle on the big screen not to be missed

by Stewart Cole

Bombay,UPDATE: 29 March 2024 10:15 IST

It doesn't matter if you're Team Kong or Team Godzilla, because the latest 'Godzilla x Kong' movie has something for fans of both of these Monsterverse Titans. Building on its predecessors, director Adam Wingard sets up a monster-verse like never before. For anyone who has followed these warring giants in prequels leading up to the big collaboration, the best is saved for the final release. From the VFX, the fight scenes to the emotional trajectory of Kong and Jia (Kaylee Hottle), everything is amplified more than 10x.

The story is simple. There is a fight to save the Hollow Earth (a place inside the Earth's core where life has been preserved and protected from the destruction of humanity), where Kong lives and is threatened by King Scar, an evil ape gone rogue. But to save Hollow Earth, Kong needs to summon his nemesis, Godzilla, to face the army of villains in an epic battle.

There's also the mother-daughter duo of Dr Ilene Andrews (Rebecca Hall) and Jia, who take center stage to help Kong make sure he's not alone in his work. What makes the movie even more fun is the fact that there is something for every Kong/Godzilla fan. You can see new creatures battling old ones. Poker-faced Brian Tyree Henry is funny as a greedy blogger while Dan Stevens as Trapper is his perfect sidekick.

Watch the 'Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire' trailer here:

'Godzilla x Kong' is a collaboration that you would never expect to deliver on such a grand scale. The climax is a riot and there will be lots of shouting and cheering as you watch your favorite creatures battle it out. Definitely one of the strongest contenders in the franchise, 'Godzilla x Kong' is a must watch.

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Anindita Mukhopadhyay

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March 29, 2024

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