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Guess Yami Gautam Dhars movies from their poorly explained plots

by Joe Bourn

1# A woman finds out after the wedding that her husband has been donating sperm for a living and gets upset. Her husband tries to calm her down and bring her back home.

  • Donor Vicky Predefined
  • Kaabil Predefined

2# An actress falls in love with a man’s wit and charm, goes out with him and decides to marry him. After he gets married, she discovers that he is bald and that he hid the fact from her. Requests cancellation because of this.

  • Ginny Weds Sunny Predefined
  • BallPredefined

3# Terrorists attack an Indian Army brigade headquarters in a small town near Jammu & Kashmir. India is responding to the attack with a complex strategic plan of action.

  • Uri: The Surgical Strike Predefined
  • Sarkar 3 Predefined

4# The life of an arrogant politician, who gets privileged treatment in prison, takes a turn for the worse when a new inspector arrives at the police station. The politician’s otherwise meek wife becomes ambitious in his absence.

  • Sarkar 3Predefined
  • Dasvi Predefined

5# A woman and her son are injured in a bank robbery and later succumb to their injuries. Her husband takes revenge and searches for their killers.

  • Kaabil Predefined
  • Bandlapur Predefined

6# A businessman conspires against a politician to overthrow another politician who does not allow him to proceed with an illegal property deal.

  • Sarkar 3 Predefined
  • A Thursday Predefined

7# A blind couple is attacked by a local goon. They are suing the police. The local hoodlums harass them again and the woman kills herself. Her partner becomes vindictive and sullen after the incident.

  • Sanam Re Predefined
  • Kaabil Predefined

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