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Hayao Miyazaki is developing a new film — World of Reel

by Stewart Cole

Clearly, Hayao Miyazaki isn’t done. Some of the reviews of “The Boy and the Heron” called it his “swan song,” but put that thought out of your head right away.

Studio Ghibli VP Junichi Nishioka mentioned during TIFF that it wouldn’t be the 82-year-old Miyazaki’s last film. It turns out that Miyazaki is already hard at work at the Ghibli offices with a new project.

During a press conference for the release of “The Boy and the Heron”, producer Toshio Suzuki again made it clear that Miyazaki intends to make another film, via a French newspaper. Liberation:

“He thinks about this new project every day, I can’t stop him anymore, I’ve given up. I don’t try to dissuade him anymore, even if it’s a bad movie. In life, only work enchants him.”

“We spoke again earlier today […] he started talking about this new project so I’m not stopping him anymore. As long as he works, I won’t get a pension. He’s 82, I think he’ll go on until he’s 90, and I’ll go along for the ride.”

While “The Boy and the Heron” was billed as Miyazaki’s final work, Suzuki makes it clear, barring any health complications, that won’t happen. The quality of Miyazaki’s films has not diminished with age either.

“The Boy and the Heron” is a visual masterpiece. I be reconsidered at TIFF, where I described it as “nothing short of amazing.” The film is a surreal experience. A French motor homewith never ever shots, was released earlier today.

Miyazaki’s latest is set to open in select theaters on November 22, followed by a nationwide release on December 8.

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