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Hayao Miyazaki returns for the movie One Last New Studio Ghibli

by Stewart Cole

A new spell is about to be made. In news reported by The New York Times, Hayao Miyazaki will create a brand new film Studio Ghibli. Studio Ghibli’s latest new film, according to the post. And one that we are all excited to see take shape.

Ghibli Studio

The article gives us a glimpse of the film, saying:

Neither Miyazaki nor Suzuki will share much about the upcoming film, other than the fact that it is based on a 1937 novel by Genzaburo Yoshino. The story is about a 15-year-old boy in Tokyo, young for his age and a lover of evil, whose father recently died. In the English translation of Bruno Navaski, published in October, the boy looks at the city and is overwhelmed: “The self that watches, the self that is watched, and in addition the self becomes aware of all this, the self that observes itself. from afar, all these different selves were overlapping in his heart and he suddenly began to feel dizzy “.

The real content of the film could be anything – Suzuki has described it as “large-scale fantasy” – as Miyazaki does not borrow stories as much as he frees them from their origins. (In the pseudobiographical “The Wind Rises”, he gives Jiro Horikoshi a fictional wife who dies of tuberculosis.) The only thing Suzuki will share is that he identifies himself with one of the characters, who is not human.

Nausicaa Valley of the wind poster
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Miyazaki’s works deal with many topics, including popular adult narratives and debates about nature versus man. Imagination always serves to enhance the aspects of reality that we can all understand. And, of course, the incredibly intricate animation that soothes and moves us all together. If this movie offers us something even more majestic than before, then it will really amaze us.

Although the 1937 novel is not named in the article, it seems that Miyazaki will adapt How do you live? While this news seems to have been released in some capacity in previous times, this looks like formalizing the intention. The Book has long influenced Miyazaki, who refers to it as his favorite children’s reading.

But will this really be Miyazaki’s last film? Of course, Miyazaki has famously announced his retirement in the past, to return. Well, only time will tell. Producer and contributor Miyazaki Suzuki has only this knowledge, which the article shares. “In the West, we always have to know how things end. In Ghibli, the last scene is often a mystery. “

We look forward to this next great adventure.

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