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Hollywood movie propaganda surrounding North Korea’s latest rocket launch

by Stewart Cole

But the coverage did not stop there. A 15-minute episode featuring North Korea’s state-of-the-art television broadcast included a dramatic, highly stylized introduction by the North Korean leader overseeing the action with Michael Bay. State television broadcast it at least twice on Friday afternoon.

North Korean state television broadcast footage on March 25 of its latest rocket launch on March 24, demonstrating its ability to reach the United States. (Reuters)

There was a slow walk. Check and point clock in slow motion. Slow motion removal of sunglasses. Glamor shots of Hwasong-17. Then count down to 10 seconds to launch.

North Korea is no stranger to overproduction, but the video highlights how important the occasion is for Kim: The launch of Hwasong-17 is an important step for the country as it works to show how serious it is in developing its nuclear deterrent. to defend itself in the event of a nuclear war.

The missile tests serve many purposes, including sending a strong political message inside that Kim, who is in his 10th year in power, is taking care of his people. But this is a message that is becoming increasingly difficult to send, given the deteriorating economy caused by a severe, self-imposed lockdown at the coronavirus border that has burdened food supplies and cash flows amid prolonged financial sanctions.

The television station on Friday stressed that the Hwasong-17 flew higher and farther than any of its previous missiles and landed exactly where the leaders wanted.

“According to the esteemed comrade Kim Jong Un, this was another miraculous victory for the security of our homeland and the eternal prosperity of all the descendants, despite all kinds of difficulties and hardships,” the TV presenter said.

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