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Hong Kong Action Last Hope Detective Team, I understand why

by Pansy Robbins
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After Lee Yeon-geul, the Hong Kong action movie hopeful gang, threw his whole body again. Pre-opened to press on the 8th, it was a complete version of a kind of modern action genre film using the naked body, action tools and various guns.

In this work, Gyeonjadan played Jang Choongbang, who has been involved in the police organization for over 30 years. Although it is a rigid culture up and down, Jangchungbang has lived without forgetting its original mission of eradicating crime and keeping citizens safe. Then, in an operation to eliminate a criminal organization, he loses a fight with his colleague Chu Kang-ao (Sa Jeong-bong), who killed the suspect due to over-repression.

Like many action movies, Raging Fire also has a weak point when it comes to story likelihood. There is a setting in which ex-colleague Chu Kang-ao, who grew up with a grudge against the police organization and was branded a criminal, so easily obtains various guns and easily destroys other organizations at the level. possible.

Before the battle with a former colleague turned enemy, Jangchungbang also faces several small crises. Bosinian-tempered supervisors sometimes make unethical demands, and when they reject them, they give them a disadvantage. It guarantees a three-dimensional effect in that it does not define the police or public authorities as good and the Chugangao mob as bad.


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The film moves at breakneck speed from start to finish. It feels like it shows its willingness to cater to all the action tastes of different audiences. The street fight scene takes place inside a police building, on a road or in an underground passage where sewage flows.

The firearms action, including pistols, machine guns and even pipe bombs, is also spectacular. The Guinea Pigs and Sajibongs each wield a police baton and a dagger, and the way they use firearms contrasts sharply to build their own character, providing a sight to behold. Even in the car chase scene, traces of a delicate combination with the downtown alleys and highways in the background are evident.

It would have been a difficult task for the actors to dig into a specific action concept, but most of the actors in perfectly perform some of the tasks assigned to them. The weakness of the lack of story probabilities is well overshadowed by these virtues.

Director Jin Mok-seung, who was in charge of directing, has been producing or directing action movies ever since. (2008). Having made good use of famous Hong Kong actors such as Seonjadan, Jackie Chan, Liu Deokhwa, and Fan Bingbing, he arranged the plate well so that he could fully unleash the silkworm’s abilities.

One Line Review: The diverse and colorful action sequences alone are reason enough to watch.
Rating: ★★★☆(3.5/5)


About the movie
Original Title: Raging Fire
Director: Mok-seung Jin
Cast: Gyeonjadan, Saejeongbong, etc.
Income: Joy & Cinema
Distributor: JNC Media Group
Joint Distribution: Cinepilwoon Co., Ltd.
Release date: January 2022

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