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Horror film cast members to attend film screening in Delhi

by Stewart Cole

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Horror fans will be flocking to Norfolk County this weekend for a screening of an indie film that’s becoming a monster hit.

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Skinamarink, written and directed by Edmonton filmmaker Kyle Edward Ball, was shot on a budget of $15,000 in August 2021.

Screened at film festivals across the continent and in Europe last summer, AMC Theaters premiered the film on January 13, grossing over $1.5 million so far.

Jordan Gawley, director of entertainment at Capitol 33 in downtown Delhi, Ontario, is friends with one of the film’s stars, Ross Paul, and his son Lucas.

“I started seeing all this stuff on social media that he was starring in this new movie that just came out and it got worldwide attention,” Gawley said. “I hit him and said, ‘You know I have a theater, right? Why don’t you come for a visit and we’ll do our first screening. We can have you in Norfolk County and put on a great event to promote the film.”

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The film focuses on two children who wake up to find that all the doors, windows – and their parents – have disappeared from the house.

Ross Paul plays the father of the two children, one of whom is played by his son Lucas.

Originally opened as a movie theater in 1933, Gawley and his business partners renovated the building into an entertainment venue and restaurant last year.

“I thought, with the age of the building and its beautiful features, what better place to show this internationally acclaimed independent horror film,” he said.

Gawley admitted he’s afraid of horror movies, but said he’ll definitely watch this one.

“But this one is not intense, it’s more of a thriller that takes you back to your childhood,” he shared. “It will activate your mind and scare you a little.”

Ross and Lucas Paul will be in attendance at the film screening, followed by a Q&A and meet and greet.

Skinamarink will be screened on Sunday, February 5 at 7 pm at Capitol 33, located at 93 King Street in Delhi.

Tickets are available online at capitol33.ca.


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