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‘House of the Dragon’ Season 2 Update Softens the Blow of Poor Box Office Performance by ‘Renfield’

by Stewart Cole

Image via HBO Max

Early expectations for Nick Cage’s latest foray into vamping were high, but it shows RedfieldThe box office performance doesn’t quite match the audience hype.

The hype for the gory release was high, ahead of its theatrical release, but it seems that the audience failed to really turn up for the film. An abysmal opening weekend is building excitement for the wacky horror-comedy as The movie Super Mario Bros Instead, the Rockets went on to dominate the box office.

Maybe the increasing television viewing imagination is to blame, as fans increasingly find their imaginations playing out on the small screen rather than the big screen. Fans flock to shows like House of the Dragon and Critical role, but you don’t seem nearly as consistent when it comes to theatrical releases. Instead, they happily sit at home, waiting for the appearance of a Critical role dear to Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and absorb every detail they can find House of the Dragonits second season.

An obvious detail about season 2 is still enough House of the Dragon the fans shouted

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The wait for the second season House of the Dragon it’s already painful and it’s just getting started. With months – and perhaps years – still to wait, fans are devouring every detail, no matter how small, about the future of the series. Even the revelation that the story in season two will pick up “where it left off” in season one is enough to make audience members gasp, despite the obvious nature of said “reveal.”

Despite the great interest, Renfield it is performing poorly at the box office

Nicholas Hoult Renfield
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The hype for Nick Cage’s latest vampiric outing was at an all-time high, leading up to it Renfieldhit the theaters, but it seems the audience’s interest wasn’t enough to get bums in the seats. The film’s opening weekend saw relatively abysmal returns at the box office, as audiences seemingly chose The movie Super Mario Bros — or stay home — to buy tickets to the oddball horror comedy.

ONE Critical role the beloved announces his participation in Tears of the Kingdom

Cast Critical Role
Image via critical role

Its long-awaited sequel The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild it’s been a few weeks since launch and gamers can hardly contain their excitement. News that a valuable member of Critical role The cast is among the video game’s voice talent which only adds to the hype as fans of Matthew Mercer are gushing over his upcoming debut as Gandondorf, the franchise’s primary villain. His role in the video game seems especially fitting considering Mercer’s longtime passion for the franchise, and fandom can’t wait to see him knock the role out of the park.

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