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“I can’t speak Hindi,” KRK says he only knows English [Viral Video]

by Joe Bourn

Bombay: Actor and self-proclaimed film critic KRK needs no introduction. Despite having a small acting career, his popularity knows no bounds due to his constant onslaught of Bollywood celebrities. Of late, he has been in the limelight for his remarks on the three Khans of Bollywood and his criticism of Aamir Khan’s upcoming film ‘Laal Singh Chaddha’. He leaves no stone unturned to hit them.

However, in a twist of fate, KRK has now become the laughingstock of the internet as an old video of his has gone viral. In the video, the actor was promoting his first film Sitam and while talking about it, the actor spoke in English, however, when a reporter asked the actor to speak in Hindi, KRK said, “I don’t have very good Hindi, so I don’t I can speak.”

Taking to Reddita user shared the video and captioned it, “KRK claims he doesn’t speak Hindi.”

Check out the video here:

In no time the video has gathered many views and the comment section is filled with people trolling KRK.

One user commented, “I forgot my Hindi listening to him speak English. Dang!”

Another user commented, “I love it when the media person asks him, ‘Sir, Hindi stay’ and KRK does a weird accent and says, ‘My Hindi is not that good.’

A user said, “Why is KRK behaving like Janhvi/Ananya and the likes.. Mekko Hindi naii aatey, English mein bolneka bhayyyaaa

Some users also mocked KRK’s accent and commented, “It’s a Lowsh story,” while one said, “2 rupees English.”

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