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I hope the movies open new doors for me: Aham Sharma | Bollywood

by Stewart Cole

After working in television for over a decade, actor Aham Sharma is now focusing on movies. Best known for his performance in Karna in Mahabarat, has completed two films and started shooting for the next one in Lucknow.

“I’m lucky that movies are coming my way. I found these topics very interesting and so I decided to deal with them. At the moment, the movies are in my mind and I just want to follow the flow. “I hope these films open new doors for me, as they may not be great commercial films, but they are very good subjects,” he says.

Last year, he shot for Sanjiv Jaiswal’s Bagawat, a continuation of Sundra: The EAST, in the city and now turns for Actress Ka Bhoot, directed by Shashank Kumar, in which he plays the leading role.

“As the title suggests, it is a very interesting topic that everyone will connect with. Post Bagawat, I shot in Delhi for Dhoop Chhaon which has a cast set. Then there is a project that Jaiswal had already announced and another film that I have already signed and it is interesting that it is also scheduled to be made here. “Although I come from (Salibur) Bihar, Lucknow is proving to be a second home for me,” he said.

Although he makes back-to-back movies, he is open to television. “It has given me so much that I will never say I do not want to do TV anymore. It all depends on the issues that come to me and whether I have time for them. When you play the protagonist on TV, it is a long commitment. It limits your prospects, as you can do nothing else for two or maybe three years. ”

The actor clarifies “I have just taken a break for quite some time. I just want to do quality work and that’s what matters to me. I want to achieve excellence in all areas. My wish is for my acting to have an impact and to be known as a good actress. Tomorrow, if I get something very good on TV, then why not? Besides, it pays you very well! The movies initially do not pay you well until the audience comes to watch you in theaters, which takes time. Until then, actors like us survive on television. ”

Ahem played the lead in shows like Manmarjian and brahmrakshas and in his latest TV show Vikram Betal Ki Rahasya Gatha played King Vikramaditya. “The problem with television is that you are as good as your last show. People forget you. However, there are some exceptions such as Mahabarat where Karna was one of the many characters, but people still remember me, I still get messages from fans from different countries. ”

His last movie release was The authority starring Vidyut Jammwal where he played an actor.

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