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In front of Jersey, we revisit Jab We Met and Shahid Kapoor’s Aditya: The yin to Geet’s yang

by Joe Bourn

Many people always think of Kareena Kapoor’s Geet whenever the Jab We Met theme comes up, and that’s justified. He was the most dramatic, the strongest, the most “visible” man among the characters who participated in the 2007 scene of Imtiaz Ali. And of course, Kareena was amazing as Geet. you wanted to give her a little meaning, but you also wanted to believe in her adventures and her almost childhood dreams. But what about Aditya?

Shahid KapoorAditya was probably the most restrained of all the characters in the movie. This, despite the fact that he is the main man. He did not make big plans or gestures. Aditya was a quieter, more silly, more down-to-earth and serious person. Certainly, she went through some “slightly” dramatic changes after she crossed paths with Geet and was constantly influenced by her choices and words. But for the most part, our hero did not look like any other protagonist you have ever seen in commercial Hindi cinema. A Hindi movie hero who is not cinematic? Now this is an anomaly!

But Aditya had reasons to look more intense and skeptical than his protagonist. He came from a broken house, his girlfriend was marrying someone else, and he could not look at his mother, let alone understand her decision to leave his father and him and marry someone else. With significant emotional baggage to worry about, Aditya was also given the responsibility of managing a company that was in its final stages. Nothing was going well for him, so can you blame him if he was bothered by his overly cheerful and optimistic passenger?

In an earlier interview with Film Companion, Karina had revealed that it was Shahid who had persuaded the actor to take on the play as he believed that the heroine’s part was beautifully written. Shahid had the money for this, but he must have had the vision to know with some capacity that the part he was about to say would always be short compared to Geet’s greatest living character. That he could come off looking a little boring. However, it is important to realize that Geet would not look as happy and comfortable as Aditya’s quiet self. It was the yin for her yang. They were both polar opposites, and that’s one of the main reasons they were so enjoyable to watch each other play on screen. Unlike Kareena, Shahid’s Aditya did not have funny, cinematic dialogues in the mouth. And even when he had the opportunity to make an impressive statement, he supposedly did so with subtlety and nuance. Aditya always underestimated himself, especially in his interactions with Geet, even when he seemed the most rational and practical. And Shahid left no stone unturned to honestly perform his role. He was not afraid to let his co-star overtake him, seemingly comfortable with the piece of meat he had taken to the bazaar.

This sense of confidence worked very well for the benefit of the film, doing Jab We Met an almost instant classic. Here’s a little trivia you may or may not have heard – the role of Shahid Kapoor was originally offered to Bobby Deol, who apparently wanted Preity Zinta to play Geet. What a different movie this would be!

You can watch Jab We Met on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, ZEE5, Jio Cinema and YouTube.

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