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It’s Bros Before UFOs In The New Trailer for Netflix Blasted

by Stewart Cole


There are a lot of projects coming out of Geeked Week that look like a ton of fun, but Cursed it seems to be channeling something we haven’t seen in a long time. This is the kind of comedy we saw Edgar Wright, and now we get a new version from Norway. It’s good that Netflix is ​​using Geeked Week material to showcase some of the international movies and not just what is coming out of the US markets, which is awesome to see. There are so many good things coming out of Netflix International, so it’s great to see more and more people checking them out. Take a look at the new trailer below.

“Brothers before UFO… This sci-fi comedy is inspired by the Norwegian UFO phenomenon. the aliens, they have to rekindle their relationship to save everyone. “

The collapsing logo. Credit: Netflix

If this seems like a lot to you, you’ll not have to wait long. It will actually be released later this month and it looks a lot of fun. Geeked Week is running right now and the main focus today is exclusively on movies, so there is a lot of news coming out for those of you looking for it. If you like something, there is probably a Netflix project that is your taste that is being discussed at some point today. Be sure to watch Bleeding Cool to see the rest of Geeked Week revelations as Netflix tries to convince people that it is not a sinking ship and that everything will be fine.

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