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It’s exciting to be part of the movie world: Aparshakti

by Joe Bourn

RJ, host, cricketer, lawyer, gourmet – Aparshakti Khurana is a man of many places. And acting is now his focus.

“Six years have passed since I played in the cinema. “Movies have always fascinated me and being able to be a part of them is exciting.”

Also, “I have been receiving shows since I can remember”, he smiles, adding: “Hospitality is something that brings me great joy and helps me stay rooted. It is an art and I think there is something to learn from every art form. “

Aparshakti learned teamwork during his tenure on the Haryana U-19 cricket team. And, as a team leader, he captured his leadership skills. “Every sport teaches us discipline, belief, resilience, leadership, responsibility, patience and most importantly a team sport teaches you teamwork. “What I learned as a member of the U-19 team I apply in the sets today”, he says.

He worked for a while as a lawyer before working in cinema. “I try my hand at different things,” he says. “These different fields have given me a great opportunity to be resourceful,” he adds.

But being the son of an astrologer, he never asked his father what profession he would end up with, we want to know. “Not really!” the actor answers. “My father did not guide me as an astrologer, but he always guided me as a father.”
Aparshakti himself became a father recently. He and his wife Aakriti Ahuja Khurana had a daughter (Arzoie) last August. “Being a father is the best feeling. “All my worries disappear when I see my little draamebaaz,” he smiles.

Although the actor is constantly traveling for his missions, he makes sure to spend as much time as possible with his little girl. He says he was inspired by Ayushmann’s older brother and Tahira Kashyap’s sister-in-law about raising children. “Bhaiya (Ayushmann) is a wonderful father and I have been watching him for years and taking notes silently,” he smiles.

Aparshakti is now working on a spy thriller, Berlin. “It was beyond my comfort zone, which made it exciting for me to work on it. “The film is an attempt at a new kind of storytelling,” says the actor, whose upcoming works include director Jab Khuli Kitab of Saurabh Shukla with Pankaj Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia, in addition to Dhokha with producer Bhushan Kumar. “It was a pleasure to work with R. Madhavan and Khushalii Kumar – this film is a wonderful journey that I look forward to experiencing,” he says.

He recently returned from Sri Lanka, where he was shooting for director Vikramaditya Motwane’s timeless drama, and he is fascinated by the country and its people. “I firmly believe that the heart of every place is its food and I went out to enjoy the local cuisine whenever I had the chance,” says the actor, who describes himself as a food lover.

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