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Jackass Star suffered “Broken wrist, broken rib, concussion and bleeding brain” from a stunt in the new movie

by Stewart Cole

The Fool The crew is very, very well known for the injuries they suffer on camera just for our fun, a previous report mentioned the injury bills at millions of dollars. All of that in mind was a surprise to … well, everyone, when the fourth Jackass movie was announced, especially since a decade had passed since Jackass 3D and this movie had a terrific sense of finality. The new film, Jackass Forever, seems to make it easy for some of the original cast members to feature some fresh faces who will carry the weight of punishment, in addition to the golden boy series Johnny Knoxville.

In a new interview with Variety some new details about the film and its creation have been revealed, including the serious injuries Knoxville suffered from just one of the film’s stunts. This trick is obviously Knoxville doing a magic trick for a bull who does not look kindly on it. According to the actor / stuntman, Knoxville said he suffered “a broken wrist, a broken rib, a concussion and bleeding in the brain.” Director Jeff Tremaine commented on what happened, noting: “He was snoring for three or four minutes. It was tragic.” Knoxville added: “My family does not like doing such things. This is the worst bullfight I have ever received.”

As fans remember, Knoxville has been in the bullring many times over the years in the franchise. All three of Jackass’ original films included bull stunts, with the 2006 Jackass Number Two opening with an elaborate cast of bulls running in a deserted neighborhood. The sequel also featured the infamous “Toro totter”, where four cast members competed in a seesaw while a bull ran around them. Jackass 3D took it to a new level with Knoxville performing a trick called “Invisible Man”, where his body was painted to blend into an image to trick the bull. It worked for a while, and only for a while.

In addition to Knoxville, the sequel will include the return of classic cast members from the series, including Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Dave England, Wee Man, Danger Ehren and Preston Lacy. Newcomers to the franchise include Jasper, Rachel Wolfson, Sean “Poopies” McInerney, Zach Holmes and Eric Manaka.

Jackass Forever is scheduled to hit theaters on February 4.

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