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Kapil Sharma is collaborating with Nandita Das for a new film

by Stewart Cole

After appearing in the films “Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon” and “Firangi”, comedian Kapil Sharma is ready to enchant the audience with his acting skills once again with a new film, presented by Applause Entertainment and Nandita Das Initiatives. In the play that does not have a title yet, Shahana Goswami also stars.

According to a statement, directed by Nandita Das, Kapil will appear in the role of a delivery rider. Excited to work with Nandita, Kapil said: “I’m very excited about this project, not because I’m making a film, but because I’re making a Nandita Das film, which I’ve seen both as an actress and as a director. clear and deep way of looking at things and a keen eye for detail.So my job as an actress is to do what she tells me.Her job is very different from mine, and I’m glad the audience will see a new side of me “.

He added, “An artist is always thirsty to do something different! The people behind the work, Nandita Das and Sameer Nair, are both extremely passionate and good at what they do, so I’m really excited to make this film. . ” According to Nandita, the film “attempts to make visible what is hidden in public view”.

He added, “And that’s why the cast and the crew came together honestly. One day, Kapil Sharma appeared on my screen! I had not seen his show, but I could see him fully representing the ‘common man’, despite “He is no longer one! I am sure he will surprise everyone, including himself, with his natural sincerity.” Sameer Nair, CEO of Applause Entertainment, also spoke about the project.

She shared: “Nandita first told us about this idea as a short film. We loved it so much that we actively encouraged her to extend it to a full film. And we are happy to say that the idea flourishes in a wonderful film that captures the lives of of the invisible, “ordinary” people who actually keep this country and our economy afloat. “

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