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Karisma Kapoor and Govinda are losing sleep because of a new “jodi” more “dumdaar” than their own, fans disagree. Watch video | Bollywood

by Joe Bourn

Karisma Kapoor and Govinda, who were touted as one of the most successful couples on screen in the late ’90s, met to talk about a new Jodi they believe is even stronger than them. The former co-stars recently got together for a new ad for a fast food chain, which made their fans nostalgic for the old ones. Read also: Superfan Karisma Kapoor told her parents she wanted to meet Govinda, she remembers the prediction he made for her

The video began with Karisma lying on her bed with her sleep mask, which Lolo wrote her nickname. Chi Chi, Govinda’s nickname, called her. Govinda says “Lolo”, and Karisma replies, “Bolo (let’s say)”.

Govinda, who was wearing a nightgown, carried the landline receiver from one ear to the other, saying, “Sunn ne mein aaya hai humse bhi dumdaar jodi launch hua hui hai (I have heard that a collaboration has begun which is still more powerful than ours). ” Karisma removes her sleep mask as she sits on her bed and asks, “Humse jyada (better than us)?”

Karisma adds, “I do not believe in Chi Chi.” Govinda replies, “Arrey Lolo Sachhi. Isme sab hai, steamy chemistry, juicy andaaz, crunchy swag (It’s the truth Lolo. It has everything, steaming chemistry, juicy attitude, crunchy swag).” Karisma then asks, “Really! Kisne launch kiya (Who launched them).” Govinda then nibbles on a chicken leg as Karisma removes the phone from her years after hearing the noise.

Karisma shared the video on her Instagram account Monday afternoon with the caption, “The biggest Jodi is here. If there’s anyone close to earning the No. 1 Jodi title, this is it! Right ChiChi?”

Govinda also posted the ad from his account, writing, “Arre suna kya – Lolo aur mujhse bhi _’Dumdaar Jodi’_ launch huyi hai! With steaming chemistry, juicy andaaz aur crunchy swag, ye hi to hai number 1 jodi! ” He added, “Vaise Lolo Bucket vapas to kardo”, referring to the last scene of the ad in which he seems to be giving the bucket to Karisma.

Fans praise the collaboration of Karisma and Govinda, with one saying: “Please do something more for the audience … a song together or a movie.” Another wrote: “I love it, it took me back to my acne watching you two. I love you both. “A third commented:” The best … nostalgia … all the love for loved ones. “Someone wrote that no collaboration can be better than that of Karisma and Govinda. koi jodi is se achhi (no collaboration can be better than this).

Karisma and Govinda were recently seen together in special episodes of India’s Got Talent Holi, where they even danced to their song UP Wala Thumka from their movie Hero No. 1 of 1997. They have worked together on 11 films, including Muqabla (1993). Prem Shakti (1994), Raja Babu (1994), Dulaara (1994), Khuddar (1994), Andaz Apna Apna (1994), Coolie No. 1 (1995) and Saajan Chale Sasural (1996).

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