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Kiara Advani considered for upcoming biopic about Indian swimmer Bhakti Sharma

by Joe Bourn

Kiara Antvani she has several movies in her kitten waiting impatiently. The chart of her career so far has seen a good combination of both commercial and content-driven films. According to reports, a movie about the Indian swimmer Bakti Sarma may be in the works soon. Bhakti Sharma is an offshore swimmer. She is also the youngest and first Asian woman to take part in open water swimming in the icy waters of Antarctica.

Bhavani Iyer, who has been the screenwriter for films such as Lutheran and Raazi He is said to have boarded for this biographical film. Leena Sharma, the mother of the talented swimmer, referred to an entertainment portal, which said: “You usually hear about fathers coaching their children in sports and other achievements. Rarely do you hear a mother play this coaching role and I think that’s theirs. “She is fascinated by our history, especially the relationship between Bhakti and me. I feel that the way I endured it as a mother and a coach creates a fascinating story. There is adventure, but it is more about our relationship.”

When asked about her preferences for actors to play the role of herself and her daughter in the film, Leena Sharma said: “I think Shefali Shah and Alia Bath would be a great cast. Although there are rumors about Kiara Antvani playing the role of Bhakti. I think Shefali can take out my two avatars, that of Hitler and Mother Teresa. Bhakti calls me Hitler. “When Bakty is in the water, I’m Hitler and as soon as she comes out, I’m Mother Teresa.”

Kiara Advani with Raani Pink Ethnic Wear.

Biographical films are always one of the most interesting films for their rich history. The public will expect the same delivery of a well-made biographical film from it.

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