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Kid Cudi is focusing on movies but promising new music

by Stewart Cole

Kid Cudi told fans last weekend that he’s writing a pair of movies — but he’ll also be delivering at least one more album.

“I’m doing 1 more album and then I’m done with my deal and I’m not sure what I’m going to do after that,” the 38-year-old rapper wrote on Sunday, “but yeah, 1 more. It won’t be next year. Keep updated.

“This is for all my fans who have been making fun of me for so long. This will all be new music. The songs they’ve teased sick come out as singles here and there to keep you going.”

Earlier, Cudi said he’s currently writing a live-action “horror/thriller” and a “dark rom com.”

He explained: “I’ve been so inspired. My mind is racing with ideas. Creative madness is overflowing from my brain. I love that feeling.”

Cudi later tweeted that he hopes one of the films will go into production next year. “It’s delicious and will freak you the f*** out I promise,” he teased.

“Both of these films I wrote to star in.”

In August Cudi he pondered how he bounced back after a stroke while in rehab in 2016. After several months of physical rehabilitation, he was able to memorize pages of dialogue to audition for a role in a Broadway play opposite Canadian actor Michael Cera.

“I proved to myself that I can do it. I needed it at that moment” he said esteemed sir. “I was happy. Like, hell, my brain’s still strong. I didn’t miss a thing in that s**t that happened.”

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