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Killer Kross teases the upcoming role in the movie and reveals why he did his hair back

by Stewart Cole

Killer Kross has already teased his upcoming free agency and his first fight since his WWE contract expired on February 2. He also revealed a film he is working on and in a new interview Wrassle Rap revealed some more details about the upcoming project and why he decided to pull out his hair again. He had shaved his head for a while, thanks to the characters Killer and Karrion Kross, but when it came time to make the film, they really wanted to see his hair grow and he was very happy that he shook things up.

When asked about growing his hair, Kross said: “I’m making a movie this year and about the character, they asked, ‘Can you lengthen your hair?’ and I said “Absolutely.”

“They said we need to develop it as much as possible and we will evaluate from there,” Cross said. “I was perfect. I died to have a chance or a reason to grow my hair. I wanted to, but I was very dedicated to presenting this character (Killer Kross) and I was buzzing and shaving it forever.”

Cross also shared some details about the character he plays, saying: “I play a very lonely, underground fighter who has a very dark and sad story and lives in a very, very bad city, in a very bad area, with a lot of bad things. to happen “.

“I do not think I can say much more than that, but I’m very excited to do it. I’m really, really excited. It will be very violent and there will be aspects of very dark humor in this film,” Cross said.

Hopefully we will find out more about the new movie in the coming months, but we know where Cross will be. inaction on February 4th. Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) has released the current card for Mecca VII – Doomsday pay-per-view, and you can find the current card for the event below. You can order pay-per-view at FITE TV.

Killer Kross w / Scarlett vs Jacob Fatu

Hammerstone vs Brian Cage vs Davey Richards

Kenny King vs Sam Adonis

Chris Bay vs. Matt Vadagriff

TJ Perkins vs KC Navarro vs Jai Vidal vs Damian Drake

Remy Marcel vs Willie Mack

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