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“LAC” movie starring Rahul Roy is now “Sarzameen E Hindustan” » Glamsham

by Joe Bourn

The name of ‘LAC’ starring ‘Aashiqui’ actor Rahul Roy has been changed to ‘Sarzameen e Hindustan’. The actor had also suffered a stroke while shooting the film in Kargil due to extreme weather conditions and was undergoing treatment for several months in the hospital.

The film also stars TV actor Nishant Malkhani. Talking about the reason for changing the film’s title, producer Chitra Vakil Sharma said, “From the beginning we had Sarzameen e Hindustan listed as an alternative title for the film. The film’s theme song has the same name. During the test screenings, we realized that this was a much stronger title than “LAC” as it really captures the essence of the film.

“So we arrived at the decision to change the title of the film to ‘Sarzameen e Hindustan’. The phrase means “the land of India”. It means that our soldiers will do anything to protect every inch of India’s Land from enemy forces, even if it means giving their lives for it,” he said.

Talking about the casting of the film, Chitra added, “In the film we are showing four main characters, from the rank of Colonels to Majors to Sepoys. So, we needed artists of different age groups who could portray the different classes. We also wanted to make sure that the artists have a fresh and positive image in the minds of the public, tarnished by controversies. So we decided to use this cast, who ended up having amazing on-screen chemistry with each other.”

Nitin Kumar Gupta, a doctor turned VFX director, has directed the film and Chitra feels that he has done justice to the film.

Chitra further stated, “In my opinion the only person who could have done this film is Nitin. It was his vision to make a story about unarmed combat on our frontier, in extremely hostile conditions consisting of snow, frozen rivers, icy winds, treacherous bridges and cliffs. He insisted on shooting on location in Kargil and motivated the cast and crew throughout the film.

“His medical background helped keep the team protected and his technical expertise made the film the wonderful piece of magic that it is. The fact that he chose to make it as a one-shot and actually pulled it off speaks to his genius.”

So when the film is expected to release or is it an OTT release, she replied, “We are taking the film step by step. Our main aim is not commercial but to show the film to as many people as possible so that the people of our country appreciate the bravery and sacrifices of our border soldiers and motivate them to fight for their country when it comes time”.

In the past. Chitra has been associated with serials like ‘Tandoor’ starring Rasami Desai, Tanuj Virwani.

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