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Lalit Pandit gets emotional. says, ‘Fanaa was the last film we composed with Jatin’, : Bollywood News

by Stewart Cole

The last film Jatin-Lalit did together was Kunal Kohli’s Fanaa. Says Lalit emotionally, “The film completed seventeen years today and it was only sixteen years that Jatin and I worked together before we parted ways in 2006. I look Fanaa from a very special point of view and I hold this film very close to my heart to tell the truth, we had broken up while his music Fanaa was still in progress. I had gone and met Adi and told him that Jatin and Lalit will not work together after this film.

Lalit Pandit gets emotional. says, “Fanaa was the last film we composed with Jatin,”

says Lalit Fanaa Producer Aditya Chopra tried to convince the brothers against the split. Adi was very upset and called Jatin and me both to his house, talked to us and advised us that it was a terrible decision, which of course was expected and understood by both of us. For about two years before that, I was getting signs that being together wasn’t going to last and it was terribly stressful.”

Remembering the separation, Lalit gets upset. “I wouldn’t want to expand further except that since it was going to be the last film we would be working together, I wanted to give everything I had to make this a score we’ll always remember. During the recordings Jatin had stopped coming to the studio gradually after his only song in the film Des Rangila was recorded. I, along with the rest of the team and director Kunal Kohli continued to work on the rest of the songs and worked very hard to achieve the quality that finally came out in Fanaahis music.”

However, despite the split, the show went on for Lalit. “The good thing was that the studio was always available to me as it was a YRF home production. Random Fanaa it was also the first film to be recorded at YRF’s new studio, and no one was really sure what the sound would be like. It took months of work in the studio to finish mixing all the songs. I had it in my heart that since this was going to be the last film of the last music of a big name Jatin-Lalit, it should be the best score of the year.”

After all Fanaa nominated for best music and for the song ‘Chand Sifarish’she won all the awards that year for Shaan as best female singer.

Lalit recalls, “When the award for best music went to AR Rehman in his speech, he said he was sad to know that Jatin and Lalit would not be working together again, that was sweet of him. When the last day of mixing was over and Adi got to hear the final product, we got together in the evening and listened to all the songs together. Everything sounded good and when Andy and I were coming down from the recording studio he asked me, “Kya lagta hai music ka?” I said to him, “Ye dil se nikla hai aur logon ke dil tak pahuncega”. . As time went on, his music Fanaa it was a huge hit and Adi called me and said, ‘Guess what? Fanaa is the highest selling music for YRF.’ It was so good to hear that I will never forget it. Bhagwan ne hamari izzat Rakh li! My brother and I are probably the only musical duo to finish our carrier right at its peak.”

Any chance of Jatin-Lalit meeting again? “I always feel very humbled and apologetic to the people who enjoyed our music and kept asking us to get back together. I deeply apologize to everyone and appreciate all the respect and love they have shown us and our music over the years, and continue to show. Fanaa it will always be very close to my heart always.”

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