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Last at the premiere of the movie Bedworth starring ‘Anne’ Maxine Peake

by Stewart Cole

The premiere of a film shot in Bedworth and starring ‘Anne’ Maxine Peake is just weeks away.

Director Kevin Proctor, who was born and raised in Bedworth, told CoventryLive that his hometown will host the premiere either next month or in March at the latest.

He is still looking for a place to host the first screening of the film, starring actress Maxine Peake, as well as 20 children from Bedworth himself.

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Peake is nominated for an award after her role as Anne Williams, a Hillsborough activist, in the drama “Anne”.

As we mentioned in our newsletter, he was in Bedworth when The Butternut Squash Gang in: Lapushka! was filmed in the city last July.

Maxine Peake in the first film – with a milk cart at Miners Welfare Park in Bedworth

He will be among the cast at the world premiere at Bedworth.

This will be followed by the London premiere at Curzon on Shaftesbury Avenue.

While the first film has not yet been shown, there are already plans for its sequel, which will be called “The Butternut Squash Gang in: Whoopiar!”

Bedworth will once again be the backdrop for the sequel, which is set in the city in August.

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