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Little Simz is releasing the new short film “I Love You, I Hate You”: See

by Stewart Cole

Little Simz has teamed up with the digital arts platform WeTransfer WeBody to create and release a new short film, “I Love You, I Hate You”.

Little Simz’s first film, real name Simbiatu Ajikawo, includes an original narrative based on the eponymous track from this year’s album “Sometimes I Might Be Introvert”. In addition to starring in the film, Ajikawo co-wrote the story with writer Caroline Adeyemi.

Director Sam Pilling, who collaborated with The Weeknd and David Lynch, directed the visuals, which you can watch above. Ajikawo co-stars with Shaniqua Okwok (“It’s A Sin”, “Small Ax”), CJ Beckford (“Big Age”, the National Theater “Small Island”) and newcomer Sonia Ajuwa.

“I Love You, I Hate You,” says a press release, “focuses on repressed memories, interpreting the relationship between Little Simz’s absent father and herself.” The artist herself described it in a statement as “the story of abandonment” and “how trauma can affect our adult lives if we never deal with it”.

He continued: “I wanted to make this film because I feel like it’s a global story that a lot of people can relate to. It was incredible to work with a partner like WePresent who has invested so much in telling stories like this. They understood and trusted my vision from the jump and I had my back to create the film I intended to make “.

Little Simz was recently nominated for Best MC / Vocalist at this year’s DJ Mag Best Of British Awards.

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