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Lockout: Netflix’s new No. 1 movie successfully sued for plagiarism in 2012

by Stewart Cole

In recent days, the French film of 2012 Lockout has unexpectedly climbed to the top of the UK Netflix rankings.

Lockout Guy Pierce stars as a bizarre CIA agent sent to rescue President Emily’s daughter (Maggie Grace) from a space prison held by violent inmates.

The English language film won the best films among them Joker, Sonic the hedgehog and the Netflix prototype of 2022 The work of Adam to claim the No. 1 position in the ranking of the streaming service.

On social media, the film was compared by viewers Escape from New YorkJohn Carpenter’s classic 1981 action film starring Kurt Russell.

Both films focus on a capable, sarcastic mercenary who is forced against his will to save an important figure – the president in Escape from New Yorkthe president’s daughter inside Lockout – from an area flooded with criminals, while you see a clock ticking.

However, it is not only modern fans who have made the comparison. In 2015, its manufacturers Lockout They successfully sued Carpenter for plagiarism and were eventually forced to pay compensation of 450,000 euros (4 394,000).

While the film has proven to be a popular hit on Netflix, reactions Lockout on social media have been mixed.

Guy Pearce in “Lockout”

(Europa Corp / Kobal / Shutterstock)

Lockout added to Netflix! I will have to watch it again. “If you like the best kind of live action video, watch it,” one person wrote.

“#Lockout on @Netflix really did not bother to respond to misogyny,” wrote another.

“Watching the movie Lockout at #Netflix. “This is the worst movie ever made,” wrote another. “Horrible CGI / Graphics, horrible interpretations, abysmal script, funny inaccurate science, terrible plot. I mean it’s so, so, so, so bad. No. 1 in movies in the UK today. “I have literally never seen anything so bad.”

Lockout is now on Netflix.

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