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Love and Thunder’ finally gets something right

by Stewart Cole

Today’s Miracle The news roundup describes a story of skeptics vs. believers, as some oft-unloved MCU films have earned some goodwill from fans in this promotional season. And yet, on the other hand, a few more Grinch-like individuals aren’t buying a bold claim the studio has made about the next Marvel movie to hit our screens. Finally, to tie this whole Christmas theme together, we ask the burning question: does Santa Claus exist?

Kevin Feige promises Ant-Man 3 he’s going to be MCU “peak” but no one believes him

Screengrab via YouTube/Marvel Entertainment

The fifth phase will begin in style with 2023 Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumaniawhose head of Marvel Kevin Feige is now promising it will be “cutting edge” MCU. But while the trilogy closer has new villain Kang the Conqueror on its side, it seems fans aren’t entirely convinced by Feige’s claims, thanks to the overwhelming middle ground of the first two Ant man movie theater. Not to mention The Spy Kids 3 vibes Quantum mania he has parted in his trailers. However, perhaps the skeptics will be singing a different tune in February.

Thor: Love and Thunder he finally scores a win after an incredible brainstorm Wakanda Forever the foreshadowing is revealed

Thor: Love and Thunder
Screengrab via YouTube/Marvel Entertainment

Against all odds, it looks like he’s become the biggest punching bag of Phase Four Thor: Love and Thunder. So it makes a nice change that Taika Waititi is widely criticized Ragnarok The sequel finally got some credit thanks to an enlightening easter egg that was just discovered. It turns out the film is secretly foretold the coming of Namor in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and no one has noticed until now. Whether that makes up for everything else the movie went wrong is up to you.

The Guardians Holiday Special fans are wondering… is Santa Claus in the MCU?

Image via Disney Plus

In one of those classic examples of a Reddit thread quickly escalating, a fan’s question about whether Star-Lord still believes in Santa turned into a sensational conversation on whether jolly old Saint Nick actually exists in the MCU. For those who don’t know, it’s 100% Marvel canon in the comics that Santa Claus is a mutant with reality-warping powers. Someone faulted James Gunn on Twitter for telling him that he should bring Santa Claus into the MCU the second Guardians Special holidays.

An often-overlooked Phase Three movie is gaining reappraisal as one of the MCU’s most important origin stories


In the grand scheme of the MCU, 2016 Doctor Strange is not considered one of the most notable films in the franchise, but Scott Derrickson’s effort has now come to an end some much needed love. Defenders of the good doctor defended the origin film because it managed to introduce a whole new side of the franchise to the audience, as well as build its protagonist from the ground up without any previous lead and bring in a huge box office return. Just don’t mention it Multiverse of Madness

Come back here on Tuesday, Quantum mania quashers, for another roundup of the latest Marvel news.

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