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Lydia Hearst joins cast of new social media horror film “Werewolf Game” – Deadline

by Stewart Cole

Tony Todd (Candyman), Lydia Hirst (Ζ Εθνος), Bai Ling (Red corner), Teala Dunn (Are we still there?), and Robert Picardo (Star Trek: Voyager) have joined his cast Game Werewolfan upcoming horror mystery by emerging directors Jackie Payne and Cara Brennan.

Written by Payne, Game Werewolf is based on the social discount party game invented by Dimitry Davidoff in 1986. In the film, twelve strangers are kidnapped by a social media company and forced to play a game where they vote on which one to kill.

Todd commented: “My roots as an actor are grounded in the theater, which is why my emblematic character in Game Werewolf I am strongly attracted to, such as Immortal (2020), my first collaboration with Margolies. ”

The project comes from the founder of Different Duck Films, Rob Margolies (Bobcat Moretti), who will co-produce with Gretel Snyder. Margolis discovered the script and awarded him a production contract, the top prize at the annual First Frame International Film Festival. Filming begins in Los Angeles this spring.

Emerging directors Payne and Brennan present an iconic new villain for the genre icon, Tony Todd, drawing on the raw anime intensity and creepy atmosphere of retro horror. This riveting thriller of the genre is designed to be PG-13 to enchant teenagers and adults alike.

Hearst is produced by Buchwald and Management Production Entertainment.

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