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Mack & Rita, Rumble, Burial + More

by Stewart Cole

This week’s new movies on VOD include fun for everyone, from the kids in your family, to young adults who wish they were old, to fans of WWII re-enactments featuring Hitler’s corpse.

In Mac and Rita, Diane Keaton stars as Rita, the older alter ego of a young woman (Elizabeth Lail) who wishes she could just grow up and retire already, and thanks to a magical tanning bed, she gets her wish. Rumble is a feel-good animated movie for kids about a reptile who is also a wrestler, who takes it upon himself to compete in a big match to become champion and keep his city’s hopes alive. And then there is Burial, an English thriller starring Charlotte Vega, Barry Ward and Tom Felton (Draco!) as Russian soldiers tasked with secretly transporting Hitler’s dead body to Russia. As they slowly travel through Eastern Europe, secretly burying the body each night and digging it up for the next day’s journey, they are pursued by Nazi loyalists who also want to steal the body to destroy it and deny his death (allowing his mission to live). A bleak but action-packed riff on historical fiction, Burial is just one of the many titles available to watch on Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, YouTube and through your cable service this week. See what movies are available to buy or rent on demand now!

Mack (Elizabeth Lail) is a 30-year-old woman who pulls together Large to herself when she wishes she could be the 70-year-old woman she was destined to be. (Because leaving events early to sleep is #goals.) After seeing a “past life expert” (Simon Rex, whose career resurgence is everything I want it to be right now), Mack transforms into Rita (Diane Keaton). her older alter ego. Playing Rita as Mack’s aunt, Mack/Rita lives her best life as an old winemaking bon vivant, and realizes that it’s fun to be the sassy old broad until she’s not, and then it’s time for her to understand how to transform back into her normal self.

Where to stream Mac & Rita

The animated comedy Rumble, released on Paramount+ in December, is now widely available on VOD this week, so if your kids have already seen every OTHER animated movie starring Ben Schwartz this year, here’s one more to throw on the pile. Schwartz is just a supporting role in this film, the main character, Rayburn Jr., an aspiring “monster wrestler” is played by Will Arnett. In the film, Rayburn Jr. is the next big wrestling hope for Stoker’s small town, where he plans to replace beloved wrestler Tentacular (Terry Crews). The film ends in a showdown of that half wrestling match, half Step Up-dance style between Rayburn and Tentacular. The cast also includes Geraldine Viswanathan, Charles Barkley, Bridget Everett and Tony Danza.

Where to stream Rumble

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