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Malin Akerman, “Rampage” & Star “Billions” Leads “Us Or Them” – Deadline

by Stewart Cole

EXCLUSIVE: I run, billions and Guards Star Malin ermankerman starring Jack Donnelly (Atlantis), Wayne Gordon (The Angel Has Fallen), Nicole Bartlett (Jim), Celine Arden (The Hustle) and Sam Cassidy (Guilt) in an action-thriller movie We Ή They.

Directed by Tom Paton (Black Ops), the film was written by Nicole Bartlett from a Paton story. The project recently completed production on the islands of the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis. MSR International manages global sales in Cannes.

In We Ή They, while enjoying a luxurious holiday win in a mobile gaming app, childhood best friends Jude (Jack Donnelly) and Andy (Wayne Gordon) agree to play another game despite the presumed warning that once the game starts, they should play till the end. Lured by the grand prize of $ 20 million from a mysterious woman named The Officiator (Malin Akerman), the duo sign up for a deadly ‘Us Or Them’ round where matching with your partner is crucial and mutual trust is deeply tested. . As the game progresses, the penalties for disagreement escalate along with the cash prize. The couple soon realizes that failure to agree will have dire consequences not only for them but also for their family members. Above is a first image.

Pic is produced by Philippe Martinez of MSR Media and Alan Latham of Highfield Grange Studios. The film is produced by Karinne Behr and Lee Beasley of MSR Media, Alastair Burlingham and Gary Raskin of Sherborne Media, along with Danny Chan and Jacob Katsman. Production is funded by Sherborne Media.

Martinez stressed: “Following his wonderful direction Assailantwe’re happy to work with Tom Paton again, a director who uses the idyllic scenery of St Kitts and Nevis as the perfect contrast to his electrifying story We Ή They. “I’m glad we were able to put together a great cast of Malin ermankerman, Jack Donnelly and Wayne Gordon whose proven talent in both dramatic sequences and action scenes helped bring Nicole Bartlett’s creepy script to life.”

The project is the latest film to be made as part of the multi-film program launched last year between MSR Media and the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. It is the fifth film to be shot on the island as part of the deal, according to which the local government offers access to many locations across the island and hotel support for cast guests.

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