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Master (2022) review – Amazon’s racistly charged horror drama is the latest in socially-conscious African-American cinema

by Stewart Cole


Three black women find their feet and should not be questioned if the school is haunted, but who is haunted by.

This Amazon Master (2022) movie review contains small spoilers.

Amazon Prime has released the hybrid thriller psychological drama thriller Mr, a wonderful cinematic piece. The debut of screenwriter-director Mariama Diallo will intrigue and catch your attention from beginning to end. Starring Regina Hall, Zoe Renee and Amber Gray, lasting one hour and thirty-nine minutes, this movie is one you should watch.

The story revolves around three black women attending a predominantly white Ivy League (fictional) university, on all different levels, and we watch them navigate and try to find their place in this new environment. The university is, of course, haunted. Built on ancient soil, on the hill of the gallows in the time of Salem, where a woman named Margaret Millet was hanged for practicing magic. Legend has it that Millet returns and chooses a fresher one to drag him to hell at exactly 3:33. Who will he choose this time?

Racistly charged, this film is full of mystery and horror. Classic horror techniques are used, such as the monster under the bed, the worms and seeing things in the dark, but it is not excessive or unnecessary, as long as you create suspense. The film is a slow but interesting story.

The film covers social and racial issues imbued with supernatural elements. There is occasional social racism embedded throughout the film, which should make you think, shudder and become more socially aware of those around you in your daily life. This movie is psychological and awful. in one section there is a noose hanging from the door of a black student, symbolizing both the hanging of witches and the hanging of black people and what is most likely to come in the film. I think the film works better with implications and realities, such as politics and tensions on campus, than with supernatural elements, but I understand why we have them. Many stories like the supernatural as a gateway to intensify the fears we have in everyday life.

The acting is of a high standard with great chemistry between the characters. Regina Hall is seductive and enchanting, offering an honest show. Best known for her comedic roles, Hall really shows off her incredible range in this film. The cinematography is dark, what one would expect from a horror film, without too much dramatic music or loud bangs for the shocking factor. The film has a good rhythm and keeps you interested.

I was wondering at the end, if anyone was going to die, if we would see Millet, and that just kept me watching the movie. There is a big upheaval, with drama and excitement. This movie will make you see the progress we believe we have made. you will wonder if they are long lasting and effective. In total Mr is a well-written, well-considered and well-directed film. There are similarities with Jordan Peel Get out so if you are a fan of this, you should watch this movie.

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