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Matt Reeves explains the end of “The Batman”

by Stewart Cole

After the Capitol Uprising, was there talk of removing this plot?

Well, the problem is that it was so central to the story. We all looked at each other and said, finally, we felt it was quite different and also, honestly, it was so crucial to the story.

There were times when we were shooting and the cast and I were looking at each other, going, that’s weird. I remember the day Jayme Lawson [who plays Bella Reál, the mayor-elect] he speaks, after all that has happened, and he says, we must rebuild – not just our city, but the faith of the people in our institutions. It’s one of those things that I was, oh.

I was really interested to see if this was something that would show up in the audience when we did our rehearsals with all these Batman fans, and it really wasn’t, and so it reassured me as well.

Batman’s line, “I’m Revenge”, was played in the promotion of this film, almost as a slogan, but then he hears these words repeated to him by one of Riddler’s fans. Is it his lesson that he must overcome this – that for the people of Gotham he must be a true hero?

When I was looking at the comics and the “Batman: The Animated Series”, Kevin Conroy’s talk on “I am vengeance. I’m the night “ something about it really connects me. He does this to return to what happened to him, so he escapes. This is a form of revenge, but this revenge is not enough. More needs to be done and that is the message of the whole movie. I want it to go from someone who takes revenge on someone who lets people understand that somewhere in all this darkness, there is hope. That was his bow.

It seems that you have clearly put some piece for a possible sequel. Are you already thinking about where the story will go next?

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