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Meet Middle Aged Tom Hanks on Netflix – Bravo My Life

by Stewart Cole

[브라보 안방극장] News of the World & A Beautiful Day in the Neighbor Hood & Hologram for the King

If you’ve been a senior who loved foreign currencies since you were young, you have at least one old memory of Hollywood actor Tom Hanks. From “Forrest Gump”, an innocent young man with an IQ of 75, to an Apollo 13 astronaut, a “real man” who went to save Private Ryan, to a romantic who fell in love in Seattle. He has met Senior across the screen in various gender roles. He has grown into a middle-aged man with gray hair, but his passion for the theater is not the same as before. This week’s Bravo Home Theater features a movie that gives you a glimpse of Tom Hanks’ recent appearance. All of the featured works can be found on Netflix.

▲ Excerpts from the film ‘News of the World’ (Netflix)

1. World News (2020)

“Tonight we bring you good news from all over the world.” In 1870, after the Civil War, a man read a newspaper in front of a crowd. This is Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd (Tom Hanks). He is not a news anchor, but a vagrant who runs a printing press and loses his family and his job during the war. In the chaotic post-war situation, the job is to provide information to villagers who have difficulty accessing information. On the road every day, Kidd meets Joanna (Helena Zenggel), an Indian girl who survived a cart raid, and begins a journey to bring her home.

“News of the World” is Tom Hanks’ first Western drama. However, unlike existing Western films, it focuses on peace rather than battle and tries to include humanism rather than action. Through the company of two people, a white and an Indian, who were in a hostile relationship, the message of reconciliation is conveyed and an alternative called “communication” is presented. The must-see wilderness and wild fields in the west are projected throughout the race, but it doesn’t feel lonely and gloomy. Like most films Tom Hanks has appeared in, this is a work that hopes to ultimately achieve the love of humanity.

▲ An excerpt from the film 'Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood' (Sony Pictures release)

▲ An excerpt from the film ‘Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’ (Sony Pictures release)

2. A beautiful day in the neighborhood, 2019

There is a man who lives by planting thorns to hide his inner wounds. This is Lloyd Vogel (Matthew Reeds), a magazine reporter. He received an award for writing an indictment because of his strong personality, but he became the number 1 target for journalists to avoid. This month we have to prepare a special heroine, but there is no one to interview, so we will be covering children’s show host Fred Rogers (Tom Hanks). Lloyd, who specializes in whistle-blowing, dislikes the situation where he has to write the story of Rogers, who only has one short story, and meets him with an uneasy heart. But somewhere, when I came to myself, I had lost the initiative in the interview and I was confiding in myself.

Is it because of her smile and her warm eyes? The more they meet, the more Lloyd becomes “unarmed” only in front of him. The tale in which an elderly person with years of experience cures the pain of young people reminds us of the movie “The Intern”, but the acting of “master of humanism” Tom Hanksman creates a different atmosphere than “The Intern”. Intern ”. A work in which the dialogue between the characters is gently comforted and ends up falling in love with the charm of Tom Hanks. The film begins with the opening scene of the show hosted by Rogers, giving you the pleasure of watching a show.

▲ Extracts from the film 'Hologram for the King' (Nuri Pictures)

▲ Extracts from the film ‘Hologram for the King’ (Nuri Pictures)

3. A Hologram for the King (2016)

Life cannot be twisted even if it is twisted like this. The once successful business went bankrupt and he divorced his wife. To make matters worse, the new company is given the difficult task of selling 3D hologram material to the King of Saudi Arabia. This is the story of an ‘Ellen Clay’ salesman (Tom Hanks). Living in a foreign country after arriving on business is difficult and unfamiliar, like being left in the middle of the desert.

There’s no Wi-Fi, no full-fledged restaurant, no air-conditioning, and no sign of meeting with officials. During this time, an unknown lump appeared on his back. Even under the worst of circumstances, Clay struggles to meet the King and opens the second act of his life in his own way. The film ‘Hologram for the King’ tells the story of a salesman who faces a crisis in his life while in Saudi Arabia. While there are no dramatic incidents, it maximizes the realistic difficulties and anxiety experienced by middle-aged men, such as the pressure on performance and the guilt of not having a family, with unexpected episodes taking place in a foreign country. The exotic landscape of Islamic culture that can be seen throughout the scene adds to the fun.

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