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Meet the world’s latest subject on the screen

by Pansy Robbins

[우리문화신문=정석현 기자] The National Theater of Korea will screen which presents leading performances outside the country via video, from February 24 (Friday) to March 5 (Sunday) at the Haeoreum Theater. is a program where the National Theater of Korea presents the world’s best productions in partnership with theaters and distributors across Europe.

February March present from NT Live, the National Theater of Korea in England, and by ITA Live from the International Theater in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, for the first time in Korea. of , Pathé Live of the French comedy. Each is a modern reinterpretation of the classics of Arthur Miller, Artur Schnitzler and Molière, great world-renowned writers, and the pieces that challenged the taboos and ideologies of the time are interesting in that they launch a valid discourse today. today.

NT Live is the last to be presented at the National Theater in England until November 2022. Based on the play of the same name by American playwright Arthur Miller, this work vividly depicts how collective madness destroys individuals and society. Lindsey Turner, a director familiar to national audiences with NT Live , took charge of the staging and created a work that stands out with an understated elegance while being faithful to the original work. World-renowned Tony Award-winning set designer S. Devlin uses water and light metaphorically to visually express a dark beauty, further enhancing the perfection of the work.

Erin Doherty from the Netflix series plays Abigail Williams and Brendal Cowell from plays John Proctor. which recalls many events of modern society and conveys a lively message, will be screened three times on February 24, March 1 and March 5.

Fateh Live , which was well received for its sultry direction and sophisticated stage aesthetic when it premiered at the National Theater of Korea in September last year, will be screened again after six months. It’s a work that has garnered a lot of attention as a collaboration between the Comédie Française, a French national theater company, and world-renowned director Ivo Van Hoof. To commemorate the 400th anniversary of Molière’s birth, the original version of Tartuffe, lost to history since its creation in 1664, has been restored and presented.

Through the story of how Tartuffe, disguised as a faithful priest, breaks the family of the bourgeois Orgon, who believed in him, the work criticizes the hypocrisy of the religious of the time and at the same time launches a severe warning against the blind faith that makes people intolerant and stupid. Delicate music by Alexandre Desplat, the master of film music, adds to the chilling tension, while stage and lighting by Jan Persvejfeld and costumes by Anne Dhewes complete the captivating staging. a controversial film that brought glory and suffering to the great French writer Molière, will be screened twice on February 25 and March 3.

Ita Live is a reinterpretation of the play Professor Bernhardi by Artur Schnitzler, nicknamed the Freud of the literary world. It was adapted and directed by director Robert Ike, who showed a great aspect in interpreting the classic in a modern way in <Œdipe>.

Ike kept the setting of the original work, which dealt with an anti-Semitic incident surrounding a Jewish hospital director, but moved the background to the present day and changed the main character’s doctor to a woman. . The work begins with a confrontation between a priest who tries to anoint a girl who is dying from the consequences of an abortion and a doctor who obstructs him to keep the principle. The debates of those who represent religion and science extend to gender, ethnicity, race and class conflicts, and take a deep look at the human dignity that must be protected even in a society where hatred is endemic. The breathtaking performance of Jani Hoslinga, who plays the main character, Ruud Wolf, will be screened three times on February 26, March 2 and March 4.

For reservations and inquiries, visit the National Theater of Korea website (www.ntok.go.kr) or call (02-2280-4114)

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