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Millie Bobby Brown’s upcoming fantasy film Damsel is getting a book adaptation by Evelyn Skye

by Stewart Cole

I haven’t heard of the movie Damsel? And that’s because the Netflix movie starring Millie Bobbie Brown hasn’t come out yet. However, we will be able to read everything as a novel based on the film is being released ahead of the film’s release.

According The Hollywood Reporterauthor Evelyn Skye (The Crown Game duology) wrote a novel in collaboration with Netflix production.

“The easiest way to think about it is this: Give two writers the same prompt and free rein to do whatever they want,” Sky explained in a statement. “One of them is writing a script. The other is writing a novel. The resulting stories may come from the same story, but they are also each their own original works of art.”

Skye went on to describe the creative process of making both the film and the film: “I got to read drafts of the script and the filmmakers got to read drafts of my manuscript. We could separate each other’s ideas, creating details from the novel to the film and vice versa, while maintaining our own versions of the story in our respective media.”

Based on the synopsis for both the film and the movie, it sounds like the two stories are similar in most ways. In Damsela woman named Elodie (played in the film by Brown) becomes engaged to a prince of Aurea, only to discover that the princesses of that kingdom are feeding a dragon as a sacrifice.

No news on when the book or movie will be available to read/watch. The book will be published by Random House Worlds. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo directed the film version, written by Dan Mazeau. Except for Brown—who has starred in several Netflix projects, including the upcoming Enola Holmes 2 (pictured above)—the film version of Damsel Angela Bassett, Robin Wright, Nick Robinson, Brooke Carter and Shohreh Aghdashloo also star.

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