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Money Heist at the heights of Hyderabad – The New Indian Express

by Stewart Cole

Express News Service

HYDERABAD: With the creators of the successful Spanish drama series Money Heist ready to release the second part of the fifth season, there seems to be a different buzz around the series in Hyderabad.

A mural of the fictional character Sergio Marquina (The Professor), depicted by varlvaro Morte, from the series, has become fancy near the Necklace Road MMTS station. The artist behind it, Ranjit Dahiya, is now painting another mural near the Ameerpet metro station.

This will depict a scene of robbers dressed in popular red jackets, jumping for joy after a robbery in a dark room. The artwork, on a 50×35 foot wall, is in its early stages and is being painted black with some red outlines. It already catches the eye.

“A lot of people asked me if it was a Money Heist scene, I just said, ‘You’ll find out soon,'” said Ranjit, owner of the Bollywood Art Project (BAP) in Mumbai. He is best known for his murals with Bollywood actors and movie posters around the world under the BAP initiative – an urban street art to celebrate Bollywood through murals that are larger than life.

The famous artist, who is in Hyderabad for the first time, shares: “I have painted all over the world for the last 28 years. Some projects were exclusively out of interest and some others were commissioned. “I always wanted to visit Hyderabad and I’m excited to have the project done here.”

The OTT Netflix platform, on which Money Heist broadcasts, is launching the fifth season of the successful series in the major cities of Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. “I have worked on two murals each in Mumbai and Hyderabad. “In a way, we could not find the right kind of walls in Bangalore for these murals.”

Technically, these murals are not advertising. There is no sign of Netflix or the Money Heist logo, because the police drama speaks for itself in Hyderabad. The face mask and red jackets are symbolic and one can immediately connect with them, he says.

On his initiative for street art, BAP, and the love he has received from Hyderabadis, he says, “I was just a fan of cinema when I started. I never imagined I would do it on such a large scale. “It’s only been three days since I landed in Hyderabad and I’ve already received some orders,” says the artist. Ranjit’s latest work, History of Bollywood, a collection of paintings with posters of Indian films, has been exhibited at La Rochelle in France.

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