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Mumtaz says that Mehmood persuaded Dilip Kumar to work with her | Bollywood

by Joe Bourn

Mumtaz revealed that Mehmood took her reels to Dilip Kumar and persuaded him to work with her in their first film together – Ram Aur Shyam. Mumtaz and Dilip worked together in a few films after Ram Aur Shyam. Among them were Ram Tere Kitna Naam and Sadhu Aur Shaitaan. (Also Read: Mumtaz Reveals She Gets Fillers When She’s ‘Very Thin’ But Never Botox)

Mehmood showed the reels of Mumtaz to Dilip Kumar

Mumtaz and Dilip Kumar in a still from Ram Aur Shyam.

Mumtaz met her brother Mehmood and recalled how the late comic actor helped her in her career. In the video shared on her Instagram page, Mumtaz said, “I just want to say that Mehmood ji had a big role in my success. If he hadn’t introduced my name to Yusuf saab… Dilip Kumar … the reels my star and I showed them to him. He said, “there is this new girl and you have to work with her.. you have a double role in the film…” So Dilip Kumar was like “She is a beautiful, beautiful and tall girl . Theek hai, mai kaam kar lunga (Fine, I will work with her).”

Mumtaz credits her success to Mehmood

He added, “If he had not told all this to Dilip Kumar, then it would not have been possible for me… it would not have been in my destiny to work with a man like Dilip Kumar. How many people in this world are ready to do anything for anybody and do anything to do it?’

Mumtaz ended her video by saying, “I just wanted to tell you this. This is Mehmood’s family and because of him I could work with Dilip Kumar.”

Mumtaz’s career

After making her Bollywood debut at the young age of 11 in 1958 with Sone Ki Chidiya, Mumtaz worked in several films before pairing up with Rajesh Khanna and becoming a popular actress alongside him in the 70s.

Mumtaz on her return

During one of her live sessions on social media, Mumtaz answered a question about her return to films. “Bollywood? I do not know. I’m not sure if I’ll get the kind of role that really touches my heart and will be nice and people will appreciate it. (Laughing) First, I’ll have to get my husband’s permission. He’ll say “okay, you can do one.” Then maybe I will. Otherwise no.”

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