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National Theater Entok Live Plus on screen

by Pansy Robbins

[우리문화신문=정석현 기자] The National Theater of Korea will screen which presents the best works outside the country, at the Haeoreum Theater from April 15 (Friday) to 24 (Sunday). is a program that started from the 2021-2022 National Theater of Korea repertoire season. Working with theaters and distributors not only in the UK, but also in France and the Netherlands, the latest popular works from around the world are presented to national audiences. In April, NT Live and Pathé Live will be presented for the first time, and ITA Live will be abseiled. Each deals with a different subject, such as a fantasy novel, a classic French comedy, and a Greek tragedy, so you can choose according to your tastes.

The first film shown is from NT Live, the UK’s national theatre, a leader in performance imagery. The latest work, which premiered in November 2021 at the Bridge Theater in London, is based on a novel by Philip Pullman, a leading British fantasy novelist. The film tells the childhood story of Lyra Belacqua, the main character in Philip Pullman’s masterpiece The Golden Compass, which has also been adapted into a film and television series. The point to watch is the staging, which combines beautiful images and a delicate puppet show. Nicholas Heitner, who is known for NT Live , and , is expected to lead the domestic audience. It will be screened twice from April 15 to 16.

of ITA Live is a popular work with all episodes sold out when it premiered at the National Theater in October 2021. ITA Live is a live performance production and distribution program from International Theater Amsterdam (ITA) to Netherlands, which is at the forefront of European contemporary theatre. Adapted and directed by Robert Ike, who has a great knack for resolving the classics in a modern way, Oedipus in Greek Tragedy transformed into a renowned politician of the 21st century. This fast-paced work reveals Oedipus’ past, entangled in prophecy, with an unconventional development that doesn’t let go of the tension until the end. It will be screened twice on April 17 and 22.

The last film shown is of Pathé Live, a sophisticated comedy presented by the Compagnie du Théâtre National Comédie Française. is considered the masterpiece of the life of the playwright Molière, who will celebrate his 400th birthday in 2022. This work, which depicts the hatred and agony of the protagonist, Alsest, towards the social world of the time, we brings back to our society full of hypocrisy and pretences. Clément Hervieus Léger, member of the Comédie Française, will be directed by Clémence Hervie Léger and will stimulate the emotions of the public with modern costumes and beautiful stagings with Parisian elegance. It will be screened twice on April 23 and 24.

In the future, the National Theater of Korea plans to strive to present a wider variety of works to domestic audiences by rapidly introducing more colorful works from outside the country via .

In the meantime, for this performance, in accordance with the quarantine authorities’ social distancing guidelines, the public will be seated apart. Reservation/information National Theater website (www.ntok.go.kr) or telephone (02-2280-4114)

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