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Netflix announces the “Don’t Look Up” Podcast series behind the scenes

by Stewart Cole

Netflix has announced “The Last Movie Ever Made,” an upcoming podcast series that will take a look behind the scenes of screenwriter-director Adam McKay’s disaster comedy “Don’t Look Up.”

The six-episode podcast series will debut in its first installment on January 7, 2022. Along with a look at the film’s production process and an argument for the parallels between the story and the way institutions govern The podcast will also feature appearances by various members of the cast as well as Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Tyler Perry, Ariana Grande, Timothée Chalamet, Rob Morgan and Himesh Patel. .

“In early 2020, Adam McKay started making a comedy,” says the podcast logline. “The purpose was to ridicule and point out the forces that are preventing us from surviving climate change. In 2020, of course, he had other plans. “This happened when a cast and crew came together to make a disaster comedy, while living through a series of very non-comic disasters.”

Following a limited movie release that began on December 10, “Don’t Look Up” became available for streaming on Netflix on December 24. The film met with mixed reactions, though it still looks ready as a formidable contender for this year’s awards competition, with some calling it “too funny to lose”.

In his review of “Don’t Look Up”, Variety Leading film critic Peter Debruz described the film’s tone as “cute, even if you do not have to look far to see what it sounds like in the real world”. McKay spoke recently Variety for the multiple finale of the film.

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