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Netflix makes new movie about family who accidentally invited strangers to Thanksgiving

by Stewart Cole

For the past five years, the Internet has been fascinated by a viral story about Thanksgiving dinner, a wrong number, and a new friendship – and obviously, it’s going to be filmed soon. On Thursday, it was announced (via a report from Variety) that Netflix had the green light The text of Thanksgiving, a film based on the true story of Wanda Dench and Jamal Hinton, two strangers who were connected after an accidental text messaging in 2016. The film will be written by Abdul Williams (Salt-N-Pepa, The Bobby Brown Story), with producers such as Robert Teitel and George Tillman, Jr. No director or cast has been named at this time.

In 2016, Dent thought she was texting her grandson to check if he was coming for Turkey Day, but discovered she had the wrong cell phone number. In fact, she sent a message to Jamal Hinton, a high school senior at the time, who accepted her invitation anyway – and has been attending the festivities every year ever since.

“We are excited to share our story with the world. We hope it will inspire more people to reach out and make connections they would not normally make,” Dench and Hinton said in a joint statement. “We are so blessed to have found a genuine friendship that God brought with us from the wrong text message.”

The story of Dench and Hinton has warmed the heart of the Internet for several years, especially as they continued to record their meetings on social media.

“It was a reminder that there are still some good people in this world,” Hinton said said about Denz in an interview in 2016 People.com. “She is a very sweet lady, she told me that her husband was a veteran and always invited his friends to dinner, so he is used to having a lot of people. I just got an atmosphere from it that made me feel at home. “

What do you think about the Netflix turnaround? The text of Thanksgiving in a feature film? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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