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Netflix reveals 5 series and movies without a screenplay from Japan – The Hollywood Reporter

by Stewart Cole

Non-Netflix TV and movie scripts from Japan are gaining momentum.

The company has unveiled five new upcoming Japanese titles – including a romantic reality TV series and documentary dedicated to crime, a J-pop star and Kabuki theater art – combining 10 previous works without a script that the streamer had already developed. The company says it plans to release seven Japanese shows without a script this year alone.

“Japan’s love of unscripted content dates back to the 1950s and remains one of the most dominant forms of entertainment in the country,” Netflix Japan’s two live creative creative managers Mitsuko Koyabashi and Taro Goto said in a joint statement. . “From comedy shows to competitive shows, Japanese variety shows offer the kind of relaxing entertainment that people have come to expect from television, while reality shows take on a great deal of excitement to live through the real-life adventures of screen personalities.”

They added: “The new plate includes a rich variety of non-screenplays, from comedy, TV reality to documentaries.”

Titles include: Village of Love, a series of reality dating that includes young Japanese singles who move into a house in the mountains to see if love can show up in an idyllic setting. a second season of the Japanese version of Netflix dating Love is blind; documentary LiSA Another wonderful dayan insight into the life of the Japanese music star. Sing, Dance, Act: Kabuki, a documentary that follows former teenage idol and actor Toma Ikuta as he tries to enter the strict and distinguished world of Japanese Kabuki theater. and Tokyo Crime Squad: The Lucie Blackman Casea documentary that shares the inner story of the tumultuous and complex investigation into the murder of British tourist Lucy Blackman, told in unprecedented interviews with Japanese detectives who led the case.

The new titles are part of previously announced projects with no script in progress on Netflix Japan such as the upcoming restart of the famous Iron Chef a cooking contest franchise and a feature film that explores the meteoric rise and fall of former automotive carmaker Carlos Ghosn.

Netflix achieved some of its biggest early hits in Japan through the script-free category, with reality shows such as Ainori and House on the terrace breaks out both locally and abroad.

“Our recent success with non-script shows proves that this appetite continues to grow,” said Koyabashi and Goto.

The recently released Japanese comedy series Netflix Last One Standing is currently at the top of the list of Top 10 streamers of the titles in the country.

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