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Netflix’s Latest Lazy Blockbuster Laughs Off Bad Reviews To Spike Top 10 In 83 Countries

by Stewart Cole

Just like clockwork, Netflix’s latest blockbuster arrived to unenthusiastic critical responses, only to shrug its shoulders in the face of widespread apathy to become one of the biggest hits on the platform, with Francis Lawrence Slumberland the latest in a long, long, long line of disappointing subscriber-shattering sagas.

According FlixPatrol, Hunger Games and Constantine The director’s latest has become an instant Top 10 hit in 83 countries since its premiere on the platform yesterday, but only managed to reach the top spot in 19 of them. While that may change by tomorrow, for now, Jason Momoa’s $150 million fantasy has failed to dethrone holiday favorite Lindsay Lohan They fall for Christmaswhich is quite something.

via Netflix

On Rotten Tomatoes, Slumberland it holds a weak rating of just 39 percent, which is admittedly and pretty infuriatingly par for the course when it comes to Netflix’s expensive domestic exclusives. It would be nice if the company poured so much money into enthusiastically received productions, but it has been proven countless times that reviews mean nothing when it comes to convincing paying customers to promote the game.

Slumberland there’s a lot to admire visually, but as always, the shortcomings in the storytelling let it down. Momoa is clearly a delight as the mischievous Flip, however, and is never anything less than a charismatic force of nature on screen, and yet we can only wish his whirlwind performance enhanced the final product rather than laying the cards over the top. the cracks.

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