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Netflix’s latest Uninspired and Insipid Rom-Com hits #1 in 61 countries

by Stewart Cole

Cr. Felicia Graham/Netflix © 2022

One of the very few inevitabilities in life is that any Netflix original movie with a remotely romantic angle can be relied upon to make an instant splash on the most-viewed charts, with Look both ways the latest to start from the seemingly endless production line.

Indeed, the Lili Reinhart vehicle immediately shot to the top spot in at least 61 countries since it became available to stream on Wednesday, while it was in the Top 10 in 89 countries covering every continent on which Netflix is ​​available bar Antarctica, per FlixPatrol.

look at both sides
Cr. Felicia Graham/Netflix © 2022

As is also typical of the platform’s most trusted subgenre, there has been a discrepancy between fans and credits for its merits. Look both ways. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an average critical score of 50%, while the user score is at a much higher 85%. In short, it’s the textbook example of the company’s approach to rom-coms with lashings of drama, but it’s not broken… well, you know the rest.

This time around, Reinhart’s Natalie finds her life split into a pair of parallel realities. One finds her pregnant and trying to cope with impending motherhood in her small Texas hometown, while the other sees her move to Los Angeles to pursue a career. The pros and cons must be weighed, leading to a life-changing decision that finds our intrepid protagonist discovering who she really wants to be before her existence merges back into one, but you’ll have to join the club to find out. Who is coming. from above.

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