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New Brothers Reveal Why They Do Not Use Their Vietnamese Names in Canada in New Movie

by Stewart Cole

When Hoàng Kha Vũ he was looking for inspiration for a new name for his new life in Canada, he mined the movies.

One of his favorite movies? The Terminator.

Thus, the Vietnamese-born Kha became Connor, after the surname of the hero of the epic film series.

Kha Phúc’s brother chose Chris as his new name, expecting pronunciation confusion and potentially embarrassing moments with his Vietnamese name.

In the new short film Hi my name isThe Winnipeg brothers are investigating their personal decision to change their first name and their parents’ reaction to that decision.

The film examines the choice of some newcomers to choose a new name when settling in a new country.

The film was created by Winnipeg filmmakers Toby Zheng, Sara Bulloch, Eden Carter, Sidney Phommarath and Karen Remoto in collaboration with CBC Manitoba Creator Network.

Other works of cinematographers:

Meet the filmmakers

Toby Zeng (Amanda Boyechko)

Toby Zheng comes from a background in audio, having graduated from the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology (OIART) in London, Ont. Works as a production sound mixer recording sound and dialogue. As a narrator she has a strong interest in names and identities, especially those reflected by personal experience.

Karen Remoto (Maricar Remoto)

Karen Remoto is one of the co-founders of the Asian Arts Collective of Manitoba and currently works as a production coordinator at the Winnipeg Film Group.

Over the years, Karen has collaborated with nine different female directors and producers. Her artistic collaborations focus on highlighting BIPOC women and individuals to express their creative, personal stories to the local community.

Sidney Phommarath (Sidney Phommarath)

Sidney Phommarath is an Asian Canadian director from Winnipeg. He is a graduate of the University of Winnipeg with a degree in theater and film and a minor in human rights. Her passion for social justice and making documentaries stems from her family’s refugee experience.

Sarah Bullock (Derek McMechan)

Sara Bulloch is an editor and director at Winnipeg. Many of her films explore issues of identity, mental health and relationships, screening with the Gimli FIlm Festival, the48fest, Les Main Gauches and more.

She is also a jerk, a Jew, a fan of cross-feminist cinema who likes to coordinate her local Womxn’s Film & Video Network.

Eden Carter (Min Kim)

Eden Carter graduated from International Development and Film Studies in the U of W, and later from the Creative Media Production program at Red River College.

She is the senior video producer and cinematographer for Think Shift, but loves to make short films and creative works in her spare time, especially in collaboration with other female-identified people. Eden believes she has so much to learn from other creatives at Winnipeg.

The Creators Network supports emerging filmmakers and community storytellers to create content that reflects new and different experiences and perspectives. The content is aimed at audiences aged 18 to 30 and includes short documents and videos, personal essays, visual columns and photographic essays, among other works.

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