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New Madame Web Movie Photo Spoils Spider-Man’s Daily Plot Connection

by Stewart Cole

Sony Pictures is deep in production on his upcoming Spiderman spin-off movie, Madame Weband now, fans may have an idea of ​​how much the web-slinger actually plays into the plot.

Madame Web may be the most mysterious new outing Sony has to offer as the studio looks to expand on the Spider-Man universe of characters. This is particularly interesting as it appears to be the first of Sony’s Spider-Man universe to actually include a version of Peter Parker in it – at least if Tom Holland’s middle credits scene from Venom: Let There Be Carnage it does not count.

Parks & RecAdam Scott is he is rumored to be playing a new version of Ben Parker in this film, lending the idea that Spider-Man may be involved at some point in the story. There have also been sightings of the Daily Bugle in this New York edition, teasing that the classic Spider-Man news outlet will make a presence as Madame Web’s adventure unfolds.

Now, new images confirm that theory as fans get a new look at the film in an article published by the Daily Bugle.

The Daily Bugle returns to Madame Web Set Pics


Twitter user @SpiderMan3News shared new photos from the set of Sony Pictures’ Madame Webteasing an interesting plot using the Daily Bugle.

On the side of the road, a newsagent holds up the latest copy of the Daily Bugle with a disturbing headline, which appears to read “The girls feared they had been kidnapped.”

Daily Bugle, Madame Web

At the front of the paper are Isabela Merced (Anya Corazon), Julie Carpenter and Mattie Franklin by Celeste O’Connor. CCTV cameras appear to have captured their shot, although the setting and specific situation are still unknown.

Daily Bugle, Madame Web

Why is a kidnapping taking place on Madame Web?

With this newspaper article teasing a kidnapping in downtown New York, fans are already wondering how this plays into the overall plot for Madame Web.

From Dakota Johnson’s leading lady Cassandra Webb is absent from this picture, she could be the one to take the three characters to get some kind of information from them. He might as well be saving them, and the event could just look like a kidnapping from the outside looking in, especially in a city as dangerous as Marvel’s New York.

It could also be some sort of plot hatched by Tahar Rahim’s Ezekiel Sims as his evil plan begins to affect the film’s protagonists. While his role remains hidden, seeing him kidnap three of them Madame WebIts main characters certainly wouldn’t be too weird.

With The film’s release has now been pushed back to late 2023fans will have to wait to learn more details about this Daily Bugle plot point, which will surely add to the excitement for this film as it develops.

Madame Web is set to hit theaters on October 6, 2023.

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