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New movie “J6” depicting the Capitol uprising

by Stewart Cole

The deadly January 6 uprising in the Capitol is said to be ready to receive Hollywood treatment as the subject of a “scary and terrifying” feature film.

Billy Ray, who directed Showtime’s 2020 mini-series, “The Comey Rule,” stars in “J6.” The deadline was reported on Thursday.

The screenwriter – who he said in a tweet last year that it planned to tell the story of some of the Capitol police officers who responded to the uprising – who fell in Washington a few days after being attacked by a mob of Trump supporters and interviewed some of the lawmakers and law enforcement officials who survived. according to the Deadline.

“The goal was to make a ground-level projection of an important day,” Ray told the site about the play, which he wrote and is going to direct. “These are protesters who became riots and cops who became defenders of democracy. Someone else can tell the story of the chaos in the White House that day. “I wanted to stay in the trenches.”

Adam McKay, who directed the Netflix hit “Don’t Look Up,” will co-produce the film.

McKay described Ray’s script as “shocking and frightening”, saying the film “is sure to become the definitive documentary that creepy day”.

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