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New movies in cinemas and flow for watching this weekend: November 19, 2021

by Stewart Cole

Something strange in the neighborhood, who will you call? GHOST BUSTERS. More on that later today, we’re sharing the best new movies to watch in cinemas and movies available on streaming services you do not want to miss.

We’re in the middle of the month and we’re getting closer and closer to eating a crazy amount of food, but first, we have a loaded list of new movies coming out this weekend that we need to tell you about.

I recently wrote about the best movies of the 80’s and obviously, I had to talk about one of the most iconic beginner franchises in GHOST BUSTERS. In 2016, we saw a female Ghostbusters coming out and I liked it, but today, we bring back yesterday’s Ghostbusters to meet a brand new cast of people, are you excited?

We have people who trap ghosts, a man who takes care of his two children to become the best tennis players of all time, and Spider-Man who sings everything that comes out this week.

New movies to see in theaters this weekend

Although it is limited, I ask you to look for it come come if he goes out to a theater near you. It is by far one of the best movies of the year and one of my favorite friend comedies of all time. Mike Mills immortalizes this beautiful world of these children, explaining what they think the future holds for us, while Johnny (Joaquin Phoenix) and Jesse (Woody Norman) develop a moving story of their own at the same time.

New movies to stream from home this weekend

  • King Richard (HBO Max)
  • tic, tic… BOOM! (Netflix)
  • The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star (Netflix)
  • Soul 3: This is Gus (Peacock)

Will Smith is back! One of my favorite actors of all time takes on the role of Richard Williams, father of two of the greatest athletes of all time in Aphrodite and Serena Williams in the film King Richard. Smith seems to have some Oscar ambitions in this role, as people say it is one of his best performances.

What will you watch this weekend? Will you enjoy a movie in theaters or in streaming?

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