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New Rom-Com Netflix that makes big waves with subscribers

by Stewart Cole

Some Netflix prototypes dominate the streaming service’s movie and TV charts, but the success of one of these titles may be a little more astonishing than the other. Ozark is the biggest show in the entire service right now, and currently tops the Netflix Top 10. That makes sense, given that it has just released its fourth season and is one of Netflix’s most popular shows for years. . Then there is The Royal Healing, a brand new rom-com that causes serious crises for the streamer.

The Royal Healing stars Austin & AllyLaura Marano and Aladdinof Mena Massoud, and quickly rose to the Netflix Top 10. The romantic comedy, just released last week, is number four on the Netflix Top 10 overall, but currently tops the list.

Netflix has had a number of incredibly successful romantic comedies over the years, including They set up, Always be my Maybe, and To all the boys trilogy. It looks The Royal Healing is set to join this list.

You can see a full analysis of the list of the 10 best Netflix movies on Sunday below!

1. The Royal Healing

(Photo: Netflix)

“New York hairdresser Izzy seizes the opportunity to work on the wedding of a charming prince, but when the sparks between them fly, will love prevail – or duty?”


2. Annabelle: Creation

“Years after the death of their daughter, a merchant and his wife open their home to many orphans, who soon begin to fear one of his eerie creations.”


3. Brave

“Mystery writer Grace Miller has killer instincts when it comes to motivation – and she will need every bit of know-how to help solve her sister’s murder.”


4. After We Fell

“Tessa and Hardin ‘s passion is burning hotter than ever. But with the secrets kept and the promises broken, the desire alone will not be enough to build a future together.”


5. Do not look up

(Photo: NETFLIX)

“Two astronomers go on a media tour to warn humanity of a comet that kills planets ejected to Earth. The answer from a detached world: Meh.”


6. Munich – The Edge of War

“At the tense Munich Conference in 1938, former friends now working for rival governments became reluctant spies struggling to uncover a Nazi secret.”


7. Under suspicion

“After finding the body of a murdered girl, a powerful lawyer faces an intense interrogation by a police chief who considers him a key suspect.”


8. Aileen Wuornos: American Boogeywoman

“In 1976, Aileen Wuornos married a yacht club president and wreaked havoc on Florida high society. Loosely based on the life of a serial killer.”


9. Riverdance: The Animated Adventure

“After a heartbreaking loss, Irish-born Keegan and his Spanish friend Moya learn to dance through danger and despair with a magical herd of deer spirits.”


10. Just go with it

“Insulting as an unhappy married man, Danny has to cover up a careless lie to his girlfriend by recruiting his assistant to play his soon-to-be ex-wife.”


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