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New Slate Ventures backs ‘free money’ ahead of Toronto Film Festival

by Stewart Cole

New Slate Ventures started as a production partner for Insignia Films’ “Free Money.” The announcement came shortly before the documentary’s world premiere at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival.

Jordan Fudge, Jeremy Allen and Tess Cohen will join producer Amanda Pollak and executive producers Stephen Ives, Bradwel Iro (LBX Africa), Chris Buck (Retro Report) to support the film.

The film explores what happens when universal basic income (UBI) comes to the village of Kogutu, Kenya. GiveDirectly, a nonprofit organization, has been sending free money for 12 years as part of an experiment. Filmmakers Lauren DeFilippo and Sam Soko juxtapose the story of these young Silicon Valley-funded economists who are convinced they’ve found a foolproof algorithm to improve lives with those of villagers.

“‘Free Money’ has been a labor of love for five years,” said Amanda Pollak, senior partner at Insignia Films. “It was a truly global collaboration and offers a unique, intimate perspective on universal basic income as it is currently happening in Kenya. We were thrilled to partner with New Slate Ventures to bring this compelling and timely story to the widest possible audience.”

The documentary is part of an effort to spark debate around an idea that could alleviate global poverty.

“Universal basic income is one of the most important issues of our time, especially in response to increasing amounts of automation and wealth inequality across the global economy,” said Jordan Fudge, co-founder of New Slate Ventures. “We are delighted to partner with Insignia Films on this unprecedented social and cinematic experiment and hope it conveys the urgency needed to seriously consider possible solutions to extreme poverty across the developing world.”

New Slate Ventures was founded by Fudge, the head of LA-based hedge fund Sinai Capital Partners, along with Allen and Zach White. The company has supported “The Forty-Year-Old Version” and “The United States vs. Billie Holiday”.

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