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‘Next Sohee’ is not a social accusation film: Seoul Economic Daily

by Pansy Robbins

Kim Dong-ha, CEO of Twin Plus Partners (Professor, College of Future Convergence Social Sciences, Hansung University)

Recently, the movie ‘Next Sohee’ was released. The film is a way for directors and actors to communicate with the public, but from the point of view of the planners and producers, the main intention was not to accuse or expose the reality of the work or to a specific topic. Through the story of an ordinary but alienated girl living next to us, I wanted to show how cruelly our society is intertwined.

Neighbors. A person who belongs to two or more societies or groups at the same time is affected by both, but does not fully belong to one or the other. The main character, Sohee, was a student, but also a worker who was not treated as a non-regular worker by the company. It was like a marginalized person on both sides of the border between two huge organizations, a company and a school. I don’t want another organization to solve the problems of an organization, private and public, but I want to take a deep look at a strong girl who is alienated from both sides.

As a father of three children, it was inevitable for me to be interested in children who dropped out after falling at university or at work, and in children who were about to wander off even after passing the exam. . And this story was finally able to be made into a movie after meeting the best artists, director and detective Eugene who could make this story into a movie.

Think back to the time of the disaster at sea nine years ago. Some criticized the S group, while others made Mr. Yoo or his family, or the captain, or the coast guard, or the then official, or the political party the target of criticism according to their respective positions. However, in the movie Daum So-hee, Detective Yu-jin follows the two giant organizations around the girl without any prejudice. Although she belongs to an organization, she follows in So-hee’s footsteps from an adult’s perspective, not the organization’s perspective, and shudders at the cruelty of reality.

I can’t forget the public reaction to the Cannes Film Festival in France, where the film was first released. If you laughed and laughed several times from the middle of the movie, and gave a standing ovation to the scene where you poured out your emotions, and laughed and rejoiced, would Korean audiences believe it? Is it because French audiences react more sensitively to film sets, and Korean audiences have a stronger sense of “compassion” in reality?

I believe Daum Sohee is definitely a film that gives cider (albeit slightly carbonated) rather than sweet potatoes, but it’s a bit of a shame that it’s considered too heavy a film. Be that as it may, what I was able to be sure of through the audiences of film festivals in France, North America, Europe, Saudi Arabia, etc., is that the story of an individual alienated from a large organization is a “world code” that people around the world can sympathize with.

Indeed, how do we view people who have left organizations or unstable people in organizations? There are certainly reasons why many experts point out that our society tends to categorize individuals or define them through organizations.

In this country where it is commonplace to divide regular workers or not, regular or not, regular or fishermen, CDI or CDD, right or wrong answer, the people around you are always alienated.

As we cry out at convergence and crossing, we are not ourselves serving bowls of rice to those around us who come from other camps. On the contrary, I would have been careful to take the bowl of rice or watch it in a gray light.

In this sense, if there is a strong wish as a producer, it is that we, the older generations, look at our juniors more as individuals rather than as camps or organizations. Likewise, I hope that the film Daum Sohee will be seen as a film without any prejudice.

It’s a good word to say “get N”, but as a university professor and CEO of a venture capital firm, I often feel like a marginal person. Maybe that’s why the production process was so difficult. Still, maybe the reason I was able to handle the distribution and open it safely is because I was a lucky class in a good organization. We can perhaps say that this film is a product of journalism, which was initiated by a journalist who became an entourage.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude for the support of seniors and juniors in the media, as well as the support of the fund and the Korean Film Council. It was a great chance to be selected for the accompanying project and to meet great investment companies such as Solaire Investment Partners and KN Investment Partners.

And I want to shout out to the French public and some national audiences. “The Daum Sohee movie is not a nasty social accusation movie, it’s just a sad but funny movie.”

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