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Nicolas Cage Movies: The actor clarifies the “misconception” about his career in a new interview with GQ

by Stewart Cole

Nicolas Cage has defended himself by starring in so many movies live on video, while explaining what he spent the money on.

Intermediate best known roles in movies like Mandy and Pigthe actor collected dozens of titles in movies that bypassed the movie releases and became available for rent at home without much fanfare.

The films came amid reports that the actor spent his entire fortune of $ 150 million and was in deep debt after owing the IRS $ 6.3 million in property taxes.

Now, in a new interview with GQCage explained that the basis behind the acceptance of the roles came from the rejection of the bankruptcy application.

“I have all these creditors and the IRS and I spend $ 20,000 a month trying to keep my mother out of a psychiatric institution, and I can not,” he said, adding: “It all happened at the same time. . »

However, while acknowledging that some of the films “did not work”, the Oscar winner said that he adheres to every interpretation he gave.

“When I was making four films a year, back to back, I had to find something in them to be able to give it my all,” he said. “Some of them were great, like Mandy, but some of them did not work. “But I never got on the phone.” So if there was one misconception, it was this – that I just did it and I did not care. I cared. “

Many share Cage’s quotes on social media, praising the actor for his honesty and also praising him for his acting skills. Nightmare Alley director Guillermo del Toro wrote: “Absolutely never, never does anything but his best – I have said it before: there has never been, nor ever will be, an actor like Nicolas Cage. A gentleman.”

Nicholas Cage calls Disney “Hollywood weather friends”

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Elijah Wood shared del Toro’s tweet, adding: “I could not agree more!”

In the same interview, Cage also suggested that Disney, which distributed the National Treasure films, turned its back on Cage after the fall of his films. The apprentice of the magician and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

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“When I talk about friends in Hollywood with good weather, I’m not talking about Jerry Bruckheimer,” Cage said of the National Treasure producer. “I’m talking about Disney. It’s like an ocean. “Once they go in a certain direction, you have to get a million tugs to try to spin it.”

GQ states that Cage “finished paying off all his debts” before appearing in his upcoming film, The unbearable weight of huge talentin which he impersonates a fictional version of himself.

The film will be released on April 22.

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