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Nicolas Cage’s new film has an amazing Easter egg with national treasure

by Stewart Cole

Do not you believe us? Watch the video below.

Both sequences seem specially written for Cage’s unique ability to deliver lines with both seriousness and operatic bombing. He did it for years in movies like Michael Bay The rock (1996) or John Woo’s Face-off (1997) where he could say to a jerk, “It’s you, you’re the rocket man” as a feature of the action movie of that time with a car (he would shoot a rocket at that offspring soon after). Or it was at that moment that he declared with greater magnificence the title of Woo’s batshit actioner, promising, “I will take his face off…. Face-off!”

But in his case National treasure, Turteltaub recognized the brilliance of Cage’s majestic expression. So unlike the aforementioned sequences, he built whole scenes around this simple dramatic reading a line, with the camera slowly sticking to Cage until a verbal diamond falls on it as if it were the money shot of an action scene.

The ability to both underestimate and overemphasize such nonsense became food for the “memes” of the Internet before the phrase even existed. It even reached its not so rare air On Saturday night live where his parody in the mid-2000s, played by Andy Samberg, wrote in stone lines such as: “We will kidnap God and not give him back until we get our damn money” and “I will make a tea bag the magna carta . »

As with all other Nicolas Cage, The unbearable weight of huge talent recognizes the small kitsch greatness of it National treasure legacy. He stands there right next to Cage’s wooden hand Moonstruck (1987), which also makes his appearance, or the gilded arms of the actor from Face-off. And it is one of the many pieces of pop culture that the actor’s career has left behind.

It’s also due to the third act of the new film, when Pascal’s Javi Gutierrez gets to say a phrase with exactly the same level of ridiculousness to Cage. Before this moment, both characters have fought vigorously in the thread of a movie-within-a-movie plot. Both Javi and Cage, playing a narcissistic version of themselves, try to work together on a script while going through the larger plot mechanisms of the real film and both characters insist that their upcoming work will be an adult drama – a film made by actor Cage and not Cage the movie star (a distinction literally in the film from internal conversations in Cage’s mind between himself and “Nicki”, a leather jacket that requires Cage to do more Action movies).

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